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A short but detailed food review blog focusing on donuts around America.

No, Krispy Kreme does not get a review.

     If they serve donuts, I want to try them! If a donut doesn’t meet my necessary criteria of quality and taste it will not get a review. Assume that particular donut just isn’t worth it. I judge on a scale of 5 stars with fractions. I will often try to visit a location and sit in the donut shop to also give a review on experience. Including, but not limited to, ambiance, cleanliness, music, clientele, amenities, tables and seating, etc.

     The donuts get reviewed on, but not limited to, the following criteria: Dough, Filling, Exterior, Presentation, Overall Quality, Taste/Texture, and how it all balances together.



My name is Kyle and I’ve always been in love with donuts, but didn’t get into them as a passion until I was in high school. Coffee became a big part of my life shortly after and I’ve been developing my pallet ever since. After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, it’s been an on-going joke with friends and family just how much I love donuts. (Disclaimer; donuts do not give you Type 1 Diabetes…)

When I was younger I saw a special episode on the food network that featured donut shops around the country. That’s when I started my list. I’ve hit most of those shops over the years and I’ve had some great donuts, and some equally terrible donuts. After so many years of experiencing the variety of donuts that exist (loving spelled in the short-form, but respectively seen as ‘doughnut’) I figured it was time to share what I have experienced and am experiencing. Hopefully you get something out of this blog and maybe add a few of these spots to your own list! Thank you for stopping by!


Personal favorite donuts:

  • Classic Cake

  • Old Fashion Glazed

  • Bavarian Cream (not to be mistaken with the “Boston” Cream)

  • Seasonal/Specialty Donuts of a particular store (always fun to try these!)

  • Always accompanied by a fine coffee roast, as I believe it adds to the experience and can potentially bring out the flavors of donuts, and the coffee respectively.

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