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Video Editor  •  Artist  •  Creative Producer


Kyle Culver Demo Reel 2020
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Kyle Culver Demo Reel 2020
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Introducing the Scarlett Xbox Developer Kit (Xfest 2019)
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"This is No Man's Sky" Gameplay Fan Trailer - 2022
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"Listen To The Stars" a Starfield cinematic
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Editing Reel

"KYLE CULVER 2020 Artbook"

is now available for purchase.

Pages: 100

Welcome to a year of introspective digital illustrations and paintings during a time in Kyle's life that was filled with change, and experiences throughout the pandemic. Both of which inspired these pieces and tell his story of 2020.

The book includes each art piece created in 2020, accompanied with writing prompts, a few behind-the-scenes photos and illustrations, and some extra digital content for anyone who receives the book.

You can visit this link for more info and to buy.

Reach poster_web share.png


is now available for purchase.

Pages: 66

Reach is all about empathy. With tragedy, love, and acceptance set in a science fiction atmosphere, we follow characters who go through life-changing moments and experience the heart of what it means to be human.

From re-experiencing the local library, making first contact through isolation, and discovering beauty in the most unlikely of places, Kyle takes us through moments that explore the most unique thing about us: emotion.

You can visit this link for more info and to buy

About Me

(I simply love donuts)


Hello, friend!

My name is Kyle and if there's one thing you should know about me, it's how much I love and deeply appreciate a well crafted donut and a high quality cup of coffee.

Likewise, I love a well-crafted edit, and injecting the same kind of quality into my projects. Whether corporate, collaborative, or personal I pride myself with the work you see on this site and across the myriad of social sites. I enjoy driving emotion into my art and letting the audience connect to it.

I'm also a gamer, and I love combining my skills as a video editor to create wonderous cinematic videos. My favorite game you ask? No Man's Sky, of course!

Currently working at Microsoft as a video editor for World's Edge in the multiple award-winning Age Of Empires franchise team.

Previously, I've had the honor of working with the Advanced Technology Group in Xbox to create live and edited content covering the developer-side tools for the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X/S. These videos, with 400+ hours of content, are used by game developers, from AAA titles to indie studios, to take full advantage of the powerful tools that the Microsoft Game Stack provides. 

I continue to practice my craft by working on personal projects that I showcase on my YouTube channel (a great way to work at my own pace and really dial in on my voice as a filmmaker), and join gaming and art communities around the world in streaming on Twitch.

In an ever-changing industry of entertainment, I love problem-solving every project and learning from other collaborators.

You can see a complete work history and recommendations from recent colleagues and clients on my LinkedIn profile, and feel free to connect via Twitter or Discord!

Let's make something memorable!

Case Studies
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