No Man's Sky is a one-of-a-kind video game boasting a huge universe to explore, with over 18 quintillion planets to discover. The game offers a plethora of landscapes and scenery, making ideal backdrops to narratives inspired by the exploration and discovery.

     Mods (or modifications) to the game's tools allow me to capture these unique moments to help tell those stories, or simply showcase the beauty that the game gives so freely with each system you visit.

Most of these are speed paintings (time lapses of me creating the piece), but also gives good insight into how I approach creating my art, which is something I've always been fascinated with from other artists.

Every year I participate in a month-long event called "Inktober", where an artist is challenged to draw something everyday for the entire month of October. You can either follow prompts others create or make your own. Either way, it's great practice!


     These projects are an effort to find my voice as a filmmaker. I experiment with techniques and concepts to see where I can shape the narrative, both visually and auditory.

     Collaborating with other people is vital for me to truly understand if something works and where I can take the ideas to achieve my ultimate goal of creating timeless moments.


Some of the most fun I'll ever have is making skits and shorts with friends about all sorts of funny, absurd things. This is a great area to experiment with style of shooting, acting, and editing.

You can find these videos and much, much more on my YouTube channel.

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