My name is Kyle Culver and I am a filmmaker, artist, and gamer.

     I always had a passion for video editing, and it has been the driving force behind all my creative ambitions.

     It all started with the beautiful, expressive world of Art. The idea of capturing and sustaining a moment moves me. It's something that transcends words and is purely emotional. I learned to see art in everything.

     When I discovered filmmaking and editing as a teen it gave me the opportunity to capture these emotional moments and create something profound. Of course, it would take time and practice to find my voice in such a psychological approach to art.

     I went on to experience different ways of creating projects; each offering new insight to how I can manifest those timeless moments. From music videos, short films, documentaries, to broadcast TV and corporate branding projects, they all taught me something new.

     While I continue to learn more, I use my experiences to create new, relatable characteristics in my projects. 

     Today, I have the honor of working with the Advanced Technology Group in Xbox to create essential videos that cover new tools, features, and processes available for Xbox's cutting-edge consoles. These videos are used by game developers to take full advantage of the powerful tools that the Microsoft Game Stack provides.


     I also work with a media team on the Microsoft campus to complete other projects across the company that include other expertise like live/broadcast streaming, camera operating, live events, and motion graphics.

     I continue to practice my craft by working on personal projects that I showcase on my YouTube channel (a great way to work at my own pace and really dial in on my voice as a filmmaker), and join gaming and art communities around the world in streaming on twitch.

© Kyle Culver | 2019